Sunday, November 9, 2008

Guess what!!?? Crissy's 40th anniversary is on March 2, 2009. Forty! Imagine! She has been giving girls and boys so much fun and joy for four decades. Where were YOU in 1969? I was in first grade. I knew about Crissy but I didn't get to have one. Now I have several hundred but I think my favorite is the girl that started it all.... the number one, hair to her feet Crissy. I have chosen this doll, modeling her 1969 Sears exclusive "marabou" gown as our starting picture.
This blog is for you! Please interact with all of Crissy's other fans. How? It would be so fun for you to take a picture of you and your favorite doll (s), perhaps engaging in a celebration of her 40 years of history. Cake? Sure! Party hats? Why not! Just have FUN. Perhaps you and your doll family would like to set up a cute diorama. Maybe you'd like to post pictures of all of the fun and games. Maybe you want to wait until March 2. Do you want to shoot a video? You can do that too.
No matter what you do, please stop in and wish Crissy congratulations for her contributions to toy history.


Susanna64 said...

Hi there, I'm Susanna and I'm writing from Italy, and yes, I'm the owner of a Beautiful Crissy doll. I wasgiven the doll for a Christmas when we were still living in Australia (we come over to Italy in 1973) and both my sister and I still have our dolls, Crissy and Velvet, only we pretended they were sisters and not cousins. They are now a bit dilapidated, their hair is a bit of a mess, but they are still intact. Don't know if anyone will be able to tell me, but I do seem to remember the commercial of Beautiful Crissy and New Velvet in Australia, and it seemed just a bit groovier than what I've seen on You Tube and I think they said something like "...and did you see Beautiful Crissy's new blue dress...". Does anybody remember it? I don't remember Kerry or Mia, but I do remember Brandi and Dina as the Sunshine Dolls. I suppose I'll drop in a line round March and would like to hear other details on the dolls. Bye Susanna

Tammy65 said...

I found your site in December just before Christmas. I am the owner of a Beautiful Crissy doll. I got her when I was about 8. My cousin had the Crissy with the boots and I wanted one. Mom could find the one with the boots so I got one with MaryJanes. I have been looking for a doll like mine for some time. I have been able to find plenty Crissys with boots and various outfits. Your site is the first one I found with a doll like the one I have. My sister has Velvet. The white dress with the tiny velvet floweres. Both of our dolls have the original outfits. Velvet's dress still has some velvet on it. Crissy's dress is orange and she missing a strap from one shoe. Crissy also has one eye that is scratched. She still has her eyelashes and the eyes still open and close. Her hair mechanism still works. After finding your site I pulled Crissy out and cleaned off the dust and curled her hair. She is still beautiful! I am thinking about having a birthday party for Crissy and inviting my sister and nieces and their dolls. I let you know how that goes. Wow 40 years! Let's see I've had mine for about 35 years. My how time flies.

Janette said...

Happy Birthday Crissy!!!! A friend and I, along with out 8 year old daughters are planning a special tea party to celebrate this month!!

brightflute said...

Hey Beth!

I wanted to say an "official" Happy Birthday to YOUR Crissys!!! I tried to get MY Crissy to celebrate her birthday a few days early, so you could have early pictures. She wouldn't hear of it!!! Sooo...I'll take pictures at her party, and get them to you!!!

Tons of hugs - Terri

jenni_sal said...

Happy Birthday Chrissie.
We have taken a photo with the top of my daughter's recent birthday cake but am unsure how to post it, I will keep trying.
Velvet is enjoying the celebrations as well.

jenni_sal said...

sorry Crissy, i misspelt your name.
still trying to figure out how to add a photo to this comment.

Beth C said...

Jenni... if you don't know how to post a pic, you can email it to and we'll do it for you (c:

D7ana said...

Late but sincere happy birthday wishes, Crissy.

I have my childhood Crissy, Kerry, two Mias (the twins, Mia and Tia), and Harmony. Sometime ago, I lost Cinnamon. Think I left her and some Love dolls on the porch overnight. Sigh.

Guess I'm in time for your 41st birthday.